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Lukashenko told about the signals that are sent to US

Лукашенко рассказал о сигналах, которые посылал США

Abnormal called Alexander Lukashenko the current level of relations between Belarus and the United States. The head of state said on September 17 at a meeting in Minsk with Deputy Secretary of state David Hale.

“It is not normal that in the modern world, two States that once fought on the same side against the enemy, now have such, shall we say, tenuous relationship,” — said Lukashenko.

He noted that the visit of the Hale — “this is evidence that the US has finally paid attention not only to Europe as a whole, but also on Belarus.”

“In this difficult time, your interest in this region is encouraging”, — quotes Lukashenko’s press service.

“Perhaps we are in captivity of some speculations of the media. But we here think in Belarus, Europe and generally the planet is experiencing hard times. And often blaming US. But we perfectly understand that there is no way in life that one who is guilty, and all the other soft, white and fluffy. Probably here and we are all to blame in that situation in the world,” — said the Belarusian leader.

“As for our relationship with you, — said Lukashenko to the Hale — you very well know and are aware that this is not the only signal that we send to the leadership of the United States on normalization of relations.”

Before the meeting with Lukashenko David Hale said Washington has made a decision on the return of the US Ambassador to Belarus.

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