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Lukashenko “strongly pushed”

Лукашенко "мощно задвинул"

Lukashenko “strongly pushed” by placing the integration with Russia into question

Hitting “Father” in the leadership of Russia on the day of parliamentary elections did little interest to the elections themselves.

Even on Sunday morning all of the independent journalists working in Belarus, were convinced that the main topics will be the results of wyborow Parliament, as well as an incredible even by Belarusian standards, the spectacle of violations and abuses committed by authorities during their preparation and conduct. But then Lukashenko came and ruined everything.

The Belarusian President visited more than an hour with reporters at the polling station where he voted, and his many revelations immediately became the main event of the parliamentary elections in Belarus. Let’s try to summarize the main point that said “father”.

1. Lukashenko doesn’t want to play “dutuyu democracy” and explicitly stated that there are certain people, whom he supported in the elections. However, he is not very “steamed” on the subject of the election to the West. According to him, for foreign investors it is important how are the laws in the country, not what the MPs met in Parliament. Connection between the second and the first head of Belarus does not see.

2. Lukashenko is ready to block the signing of the road maps within the framework of the Union state and other integration agreements, scheduled for 8 December. A similar fate apparently awaits the border agreement with Russia. According to Lukashenko, the two countries have accumulated a lot of economic disputes, without which it is impossible to move forward. Minsk accuses Moscow of decompensaciei losses from the tax maneuver, blames trade restrictions (banning the Belarusian goods to the Russian market), estimates the annual damage of at least $9 billion, and requires natural gas “at the price of Smolensk region”.

3. Judging by the rhetoric of the head of Belarus, he is ready to take such drastic steps, after which the Union state can speak in the past tense. The following would have an impact on the EEU.

4. Lukashenka wants to be friends with the West, in particular with the Baltic States, Poland and the USA, but not “against Russia.” He stressed that Russian and Belarusians — one people, and only the “Kremlin oligarchs” sow discord between them.

5. He Alyaksandr Lukashenka for the presidency does not hold, but the next election will again nominate his candidacy. He’ll do it even if it is to understand that the majority is against him. However, the head of state is confident that he will vote for all those who are for the stability, peace and sovereignty. Moreover, in 2025, it is ready to run again — “if I live.”

6. Belarus is preparing a constitutional reform. The dates are not known, so nobody was in a hurry. Its basic position is also unknown. But Lukashenko liked that the proposals already received from the judges of the constitutional court “do not break” the basic law of the country.

7. The main task of all branches of government to preserve sovereignty and independence. Belarus — not “seasonal work yard” to the West or the East. The Belarus protects Russia “from the Baltic to the Black sea” — the account is not exposed, although Moscow could help the Belarusian army.

Lukashenka’s statements on Russia were the most emotional, on the verge of obscene language, and therefore made the greatest impression on the audience. Belarusian President eagerly explained why the Union with Russia disappointed him. According to Lukashenko, when entering into any integration, I expect the situation every month will improve. But Belarus in the Kremlin constantly shoved new terms of the agreement, and it therefore the economy “loses and loses.”

“Excuse me, why the heck would need such a Union? I told you in a simple, peasant-speak!” passionate and indignant Lukashenko in front of the cameras. Belarusian state-run media then this phrase of the President, of course, removed. But there are enough non-state broadcasters, and, as they say, from YouTube’s frame can not erase.

“Of course, we are at war with Russia won’t like America with China, but it is wrong, — said Alexander Lukashenko. — Here our position. Knows the President of Russia. We’re friends, I revealed to him can say it, and even worse”.

In Russia these words are, of course, without attention not left. Dmitry Peskov tried diplomatically to comment on Lukashenko’s statement about the Union state: “the President of Belarus said that if the Union does not meet the interests of Belarus. About a hypothetical exposure question its appropriateness. But we still consistently believe that the mutual benefit of the Union state is absolutely unshakable.”

Traditionally, more harshly spoke the Chairman of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Konstantin Zatulin, commenting on the decision of Alexander Lukashenko not to sign any documents on deepening integration, depriving Minsk of sovereignty. “Honestly, I don’t see the prospects for the Belarusian economy, if it will break the allied relations with Russia. In any case it would cause a crisis, — said Zatulin in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”. — The question arises whether Russia is an ally as Belarus, provided that Lukashenko recently has a policy of Belarusization and any attempt of supporters of integration actively assert themselves? All this, of course, is a very serious problem, but I don’t think now is the time when we have to tear the bond in the Union state”.

“The most important statement of Lukashenka about Russia — here, and it’s about the integration: “If not addressed our fundamental issues (for the supply of hydrocarbons, as follows opening markets for our goods, removal of barriers, etc.), no road map can’t be signed.” Lukashenko first time spoke out loud what the last months lengthy hinted his Ministers, — said the Belarusian political commentator Artyom shraibman. — But it is clear that all the problems of oil, gas and access to the Russian market will not be removed because it is too massive the who claims. Certainly they will not be charged in advance only for the signature of Minsk under the road map”.

So, according to experts, there are two ways. The first failure of the signing with the transfer or scandal. The second to sign something and not to lose face on 8 December, Lukashenko will need to pretend that all his desires are satisfied.

And now the elections!

Let’s start with the fact that it was early elections: on the schedule they were supposed to be held for nearly a year, but Alexander Lukashenka ordered to hold them much earlier. It is noteworthy that none of the deputies protested against the illegal curtailment of the term of office.

Vote on Sunday, Belarus held on 5785 stations across the country and 46 abroad. The total number of voters according to official statistics, CEC — 6 880 605 people. They had to elect the 110-seat lower house of Parliament (house of representatives) of 513 candidates. Candidates, by the way, was supposed to be much more, but in preparation for the elections, there was a real terror: the opposition did not register.

Throughout the preliminary vote and only the primary day, the observers reported violations and the number of such messages was a record for the last 25 years of the Belarusian “sovereign democracy.” However, from the “too honest” observers were disposed of quickly and without much ADO, but using the police. The day of the election of each of the third independent observer expelled from the polling stations.

In the end, the surprises did not happen: none of the opposition members in Parliament were not included, unlike the previous convocation, where two leaked. But it is quite enchanting was different. A month ago the independent newspaper “Nasha Niva” published “leaked” to her from the KGB lists of future MPs. But the authorities did not even think to “replay” the plans and make the visibility of independent elections. As a result, data in the Brest and Mogilyov areas coincided with previously published lists. And for the rest of the fields “error” amounted to only 6 people.

“The country is in a festive mood: workers vote for the people’s representatives. Buffets, live, direct communication with our compatriots, here a true people’s democracy. It is unlikely that the enemies of our country know that the choice of the Belarusian equivalent of cheap tat and the weaving of vodka — comment on what is happening “Rosbaltu” Belarusian politologist Syarhei Martseleu, alluding to the fact that at each polling station there is a snack bar with deshevuyu alcohol and snacks. Candidates still do not know what they are waiting for a pleasant surprise. Rare voting often see the applicants for the first time. Make a choice, looking at the information stand of the election Commission. During the late Soviet Union to the discovery of many sites break them in a taxi. Threw out the deficit. Now with the supply better, but people still ask: “And the fish fresh and smoked be.” The attitude of Belarusians to the election — is through the stomach”.

In fact, “elections”, and in fact the assignment is fully controlled by the Parliament — the first stage begins in Belarus transit authority. Lukashenko has repeatedly said he was going part of the powers to give the government part of Parliament, and others — to convey to the successor. Exactly as it was in Kazakhstan. The only question: who’s the successor?

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