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Lukashenko sacked the Governor for the Auschwitz for cows

Лукашенко уволил губернатора за Освенцим для коров

March 26 Alexander Lukashenko was in the Mogilev region, visited the dairy complex “Lick”, JSC “Amkodor-Shklov”, which is included in the structure of agricultural holdings “Kupalovsky”. After the presentations, he decided to pass on the farm to familiarize himself with the conditions of detention of cattle and the condition of the production facilities.

In the end, lost their jobs, to high officials: the Governor of Mogilev oblast Vladimir Domanevsky, Chairman of the Shklov district Executive Committee Vasily Vitanov, assistant to the President for Mogilev oblast Gennady Lavrenkov.

– This cow can barely live, you see how it moves. Why have you brought me here? – showed the President’s words in the news ONT. What is now the security service was instructed to wear your handcuffs, and Kochanova(the head of the presidential Administration – ed.) then there? Anfimova (the head of the SCC – ed.) at least will lose your job. If people do not understand that it is Auschwitz. He believes that this is normal? Are you that sick? This is Auschwitz! If they are sick, there should be clean and dry. They’re shitting on each other, are one on one. There must be people and constantly cleaned. Look at this beast! It is all crap, of wool sukarela all.

Addressed separately to Natalia Kochanova.

– Natalia Ivanovna, prepare tomorrow’s decrees on these two (motioning including the Minister of agriculture Leonid Zayats, EDS.), and the Governor of the third and Lavrenkova (assistant to the President for Mogilev oblast – ed.) make a decision, – said Alexander Lukashenko.

And asked to prepare a list of officials who had to answer for the situation in “Kupalovsky”.

– All under the knife, every single one, – Lukashenka demanded.


Lukashenko fired the Governor of Mogilev region, and his assistant for the region was demoted. “The fault in handcuffs and immediately to the prison” – those who kept cows in poor barns threatened with criminal cases (read more)

“Here no one ever cleans properly”. Lukashenko was indignant with cows. The President compared the conditions of detention of cows with Auschwitz.


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