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Lukashenka is ready to sell Russia for “space” money

Что Лукашенко готов продать России за «космические» деньги

Last Friday while chatting with workers at the Novopolotsk refinery “Naftan” Alexander Lukashenko said that the strategic enterprises in Belarus will not sell. As an example, he cited two oil refineries. But such enterprises not less than 100. After years of being patronized by the state.

“I remain of the view that the strategic enterprises (not only strategic, but also others) we do not intend to sell. It is not my function, I have not created them, and not even you,” — said Lukashenko (quote from coalminers service of the President).

The head of state said in the beginning of his presidency, he tried for 15 million dollars to sell a controlling stake in Mozyr oil refinery, however, he demanded during the day to return the money to buyers. “We did not sell these [oil refining] plants and are not going to sell. Maybe we some cosmic conditions suggest, then we will consider with you,” admitted the President.

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He noted that privatization in Belarus starts with the decision of labor collectives, then a higher level make their proposals local authorities. The government further informs the head of state. “We have this process is very bureaucratic. Specifically I did that after privatization of the company I then had arrived at the refinery in Novopolotsk, and you didn’t tell me, “well, who did you sell?”. And then I will tell you: “So you started it.” Then there is the matter of the staff, local authorities. And then we will consider it,” kasalliklar Lukashenko.

The President added that there is a perception of the impossibility of large-scale privatisation in Belarus. “Yes, we have in Belarus is almost impossible to privatize something that should not be privatised”, he stressed.

In 2013, the government of Belarus approved the “list of legal persons providing the operation of strategically important branches of economy and (or) other important state needs.” Since that time, the list of “family silver” periodically, adjustments are made. Now that is the bottom line?

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The list of more than 90 state-owned enterprises. There are almost all industrial giants — such as Belaruskali, MAZ, MTZ, “Grodno Azot”, “Belshina”, “Granite”, BELAZ, Belarusian steel works, Naftan, the Mozyr oil refinery, Gomselmash, the Minsk wheel tractor plant, the Gomel chemical plant, “Mogilevkhimvolokno” and “Belorusneft”.

In the list were all cement, distillery and sugar factories, “agate”, “Bearing”, “Integral”, as well as exporters of arms

The list includes one company from the office of the President — is the Belarusian House of press.

Among other businesses is to provide Borisov medical preparations plant, “biolek”, “Keramin”, “Ivatsevichdrev”, Minsk watch plant, a film Studio “Belarusfilm” household appliances plant of Atlant, and dairy company “Babushkina Krynka”.

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