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Lukashenka commented on the possibility of deployment of Russian bases in Belarus

Лукашенко прокомментировал возможность размещения российской базы в БеларусиThe President said that the country does not need foreign bases.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has declared that does not see the need for the establishment of military bases of other States on the territory of Belarus. He said this on Tuesday, November 6, at a meeting with a group of American analysts.

Lukashenko noted that in Belarus still there is no bases of other States. According to him, a very often discussed problem of the Russian base in Belarus.

“An artificial problem. We in the military-political Union with Russia. Here is a military base, will not make any difference absolutely no. This database is not hosted here, not because we want you or someone to show that we are sovereign and independent. We do not host, because it is not needed here. We ourselves, according to our plan, military defence plan of the Russian Federation will provide the functions that we have,” – said the President of Belarus.

He is convinced that the Belarusian military is able to effectively resist, if necessary, any aggression and conflict in the country.

“In terms of readiness, commitment for its effectiveness. I say this openly. Therefore, we do not need any base. If they are needed, we about this to be honest”, – assured Lukashenko.

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