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Lower prices

Понижение цен

People have become accustomed to the fact that the increase in the price of food and goods takes place not only every year but every month. Add to this the steady growth of utility tariffs paid medical services. People hope for a miracle each new year. That’s just evil it’s been 25 years and for some reason I can’t remember the real price of products and goods at least once were significantly cheaper. Is it possible the lowering of prices under capitalism?

In a “free economy” we were promised that prices will not only rise but also fall. Depending on supply and demand. That’s just lowered the price for some reason just for the oil. It is unfortunate that the oil in the stores is not for sale, so be happy it does not. For sale is a diesel, which is getting more expensive, generally independent of fluctuations in the price of oil.
The purpose of capitalist production is not primarily production, and production value of the products, i.e., money.

The results of work always owns the one who owns the means of production. If it’s IB, after securing his basic needs, he is all the results of labor will send to your accumulation. To reduce the price it does not profitable. If the means of production will belong to the people, only then the possibility of a better life.

Let’s start with the manufacturers. It is much more profitable to take their products to the warehouses or even destroy it, instead of lowering the price. They lower the price only to destroy any small competitor to then it more to raise and to cover all losses at the expense of buyers.

The increase in prices of interested mediators who seek to buy cheaper and sell expensive. This depends directly on the welfare of middleman. Of course, he may try to get into the market with cheaper price. Only here to sell something cheaper first need is to buy cheaper and all manufacturers are already in circulation. There are commercial networks, turned into a monopoly, such as “magnet”, “Pyaterochka”, etc. Due to cartel collusion, they can even dictate terms to the manufacturers, in fact, by assigning the purchase price even at the expense of quality and product safety, and increasing the price on the shelf several times. No they have no competition. Competition
always leads to monopolies and cartel.

Pay all the party workers from his own pocket. Lowering prices is only interested end buyer, that is working. That’s just no leverage to that, he had already left. The decrease of prices is possible only under socialism. The goal of socialism – an increasingly complete satisfaction of the growing material and cultural needs of the people through the continuous development and improvement of social production. While increasing performance, when goods will be produced
more than usual, the price of this product will be reduced. So was the case under Stalin.



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