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Lovecraft in the Belarusian language

Not so long ago we reported about the of the anthology of extreme horror “Pigs” which will be released in the Ukrainian language will become the country’s first collection of short stories in the genre splatterpunk. It was the turn of news from the Belarusian publishers who have prepared readers a gift: a collection of the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft “Cthulhu CLC”.

The book “the Call of Cthulhu” is the first publication of Lovecraft’s stories in Belarusian.
Howard Phillips Lovecraft, an American writer, author of works in the genres of horror, mystery and fantasy, which after his death became a cult and significantly influenced the modern literature of horrors. The work of Lovecraft so unique that researchers allocate a separate sub — genre- Lovecraftian horror. Lovecraft created the Cthulhu Mythos, in which the horror of the unknown coexists with the phantasmagoric fictional descriptions of ancient cities, gods and artifacts. The book includes the famous stories of the author as “the Call of Cthulhu” (which formed the basis of “myths of Cthulhu”), “Rats in the walls”, “the Lurking horror”, “Hound”, “Herbert West, Reanimator” and many other works from different creative periods.

The book is the brainchild of publishing house “Yanushkevich” and series “Postscriptum Prize”. Works of the master translated in Belarusian by Pavel donov, Vladislav Gurinovich and Alexander Kudryavtsev. Noteworthy and design. Agree, this book just want to hold, flip through, put on the shelf. And the coolest and expensive arts on the cover, enough warm tube tentacles, if cut from school coloring pages. Suddenly turned stylish and slightly insane. On the perverted taste of the writer, of course.

Order “CLC Cthulhu” here. The book is thin, just 228 pages. Enough for a evening or two. And then you’ll want Supplement. He and Lovecraft is Lovecraft, in whatever language published.

Full content:

ALMC. Perala Paul Dana
The crypt. Perala Paul Dana
Polaris. Have Perakula Wladziu Gurinov
Kata Of Ulthar. Have Perakula Wladziu Gurinov
Nyarlathotep. Have Perakula Wladziu Gurinov
Suzanna. Perala Ales Kudrna
Music By Erika Cana. Have Perakula Wladziu Gurinov
Into prinosti post. Have Perakula Wladziu Gurinov
Herbert West, Reanimator. Have Perakula Wladziu Gurinov
Ganczak. Have Perakula Wladziu Gurinov
Story zhah. Have Perakula Wladziu Gurinov
Pasuk ¡scenes. Have Perakula Wladziu Gurinov
Fest. Have Perakula Wladziu Gurinov
CLC Cthulhu. Perala Paul Dana
Naturschik Pcman. Have Perakula Wladziu Gurinov
State ¡svetle pan. Have Perakula Wladziu Gurinov

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