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Love, fear, and a mysterious attack on Sweden (TRAILER)

First look at this Scandinavian project, we threw about a month ago, when got atmospheric teaser and a couple of accompanying images. Took the movie on a note and for some time forgot about it. And in vain, because the company Crazy Pictures showed the world a full trailer.

“The heyday” (Den blomstertid nu kommer) on his own script took Victor Danelly. For him it’s debut in big cinema, while as Director he managed to get hand on the shorts. And if you believe the video, with a large format problems had not arisen. The trailer looks great, sometimes spectacular, no spread of cheap – and this despite the fact that the money the creators had to spare and money on shooting the whole world gathered through Kickstarter.

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Recall a very brief synopsis:

Alex tries to reconnect with Anna, his youthful love, while Sweden faces a mysterious attack.

The trailer is not much clarified the situation with the cause of all ills. Aggressors, we have not shown, although someone really wanted to break into the frame through the gate. Well, it is even more interesting.

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The role of Alex was performed by Kristoffer Orderout (TV series “Wallander”), which participated in the work on the script. Anna was played by Lisa henni (“easy money”). Also, the caste was noted Jesper, Bexelius, Pia Halvorsen, Magnus Sandberg, Krister Kern, Karin Bertling, Ulrike Backstrom and others.

22 June 2018 , will premiere in Sweden. About the release in other countries while there is no information.

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