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Loud rumor: Potapov commented on the wedding with Kamensky

Громкие слухи: Потап прокомментировал свадьбу с КаменскихRecently appeared information that Potap and Nastya Kamensky had planned to get married.

Potapov spoke to reporters program Sravi way to the Ukraine and gave an exclusive comment about his possibly torn wedding and Nastya Kamensky.

Not so long ago in the Ukrainian media got the information that allegedly in August 2016 Potap and Nastya were preparing for the wedding. But it was soon canceled because of the Nasty injuries she received, unsuccessfully having jumped with a parachute.

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The news is the artist is not confirmed.

“Official information that we submitted the latest is that we with Irina Gorovoy divorced. Everything else is speculation and journalistic fiction. When I want to share my personal life, I will tell the journalists, I’m in love with this woman. I want to marry her. And I will tell you,“ said the rapper.

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The reporters of the program have been able to figure out why horova and Potap is still not announced eight-year old son Andrew about their divorce, which took place two years ago.

We have not explained at all, because Alex is always touring, never had a moment – just a full family. Artists, I think this does not happen“ , – said Irina.

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