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Lotus has presented a superlight car

Lotus презентовала сверхлегкий спорткарPrices for the new Elise Sprint starts at 37,300 euros.

Despite the use of new materials and a common focus automakers on fuel economy most of the modern cars are much heavier than similar models produced several decades ago.

Happens due to increased security requirements and the need to set various additional amenities. But this rule has one notable exception. Lotus sells so many cars, but the company is always striving to make their vehicles lighter, and recently submitted Elise Sprint this applies in full measure. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Compared with 1996 model the car’s weight was reduced by 41 kg and amounted to 798 pounds.

The weight reduction became possible due to the use of parts made of modern lightweight materials, since lithium-ion battery and carbon seat frame and finishing alloy wheels. Only these three elements made it possible to reduce weight by 20 kilograms compared to the standard car. Engine cover, roll Hoop cover and a small insert of carbon fiber has reduced the weight by 6 pounds, and the brake discs — even 4 pounds. Also, the back instead of the four lights only two left, was redesigned front bumper.

“Once again our company has created a lightweight sports car. A sports car should not weigh more than a ton. But we have made a breakthrough in creating Elise Sprint weighing less than 800 kilos,” said Lotus CEO Jean-Marc gales.

Prices for the new Elise Sprint starts at 37,300 euros.

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