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Lost video game found 27 years later

Утерянную видеоигру нашли спустя 27 летFond Video Game History Foundation found a lost prototype video games SimCity for the NES.

Thanks to the powerful capabilities of the Internet and the generosity of several collectors, lost a prototype of an early version of the famous urban simulator SimCity for the Nintendo Entertainment System is now available to everyone.

For the first time the draft was presented in January 1991 at a gaming Expo in the US, where they were shown a trial version of the game SimCity for consoles NES. However, after the demonstration cartridge game was lost, it seemed, forever.

In 1989, the game Studio Maxis together with Nintendo entered into a partnership and began developing the game for the two game consoles: SNES (Super Nintendo) and NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). In 1991 SimCity for the SNES console saw the light of day, but the game is for NES though was shown, but was never released because it was canceled.

In 2017 in one of the game stores in Seattle had two of the cartridge for the NES with SimCity, which was noticed by the founder of Video Game History Foundation Frank Cifaldi and purchased for public collections. Also Cifaldi able to understand the code of the game and was able to tell about the differences games for set-top boxes, the NES and SNES.

According to Frank Cifaldi, in a version for weaker consoles NES contains numerous elements that appeared officially in the SimCity series much later and really liked the players: for example, the system of prizes and the opportunity to take out a Bank loan, when finished with their own funds. Also, the prototype suffers from many bugs, but the game is quite playable. Also a version for the NES has its own unique 8-bit soundtrack, which digitized it and posted it on YouTube.

From now on, any user can contact the online archive of the Foundation, which houses a digital copy of the game – it will play on any NES emulator.

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