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Lost in space a huge asteroid, scientists

В космосе пропадают огромные астероиды, - ученыеIn the scientific world said that the Space started disappearing asteroids.

So, the asteroid 1995 SN55 was first detected in 1995, and a few weeks ago he simply disappeared. Strange how big a 300-meter rock could simply disappear.

From the point of view of exact science of astronomy is quite a strange phenomenon. However, the case of missing not one of a kind. In the Solar system quite often disappear objects. 135 asteroids that fall into the category of potentially hazardous objects near Earth disappeared.

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Regarding the disappearance 1995 SN55 astronomers said that because of digital noise in the images, the experts might incorrectly calculate its trajectory. Moreover, some scientists believe that this object does not exist.

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