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Lose weight with mind: 4 of the most harmful diet

Худей с умом: 4 самых вредных диетыWhat diet is to be feared, not to harm your health.

Many believe that in the pursuit of harmony almost all methods are good. But not every diet will yield the expected results will allow to maintain good health.

One of the most dangerous diets experts call a low-calorie diet. This diet implies that a person will not consume more than 1,000 calories a day. Despite the fact that such a diet may include different product groups and be balanced, nevertheless it can significantly undermine health. In conditions of a sharp deficit of calories, the body begins to save energy, including primary metabolism. This reduces the speed of all metabolic processes, like decomposition, and synthesis.

Not the best solution would be to give the preference to the mono-diet. These include the use of any one product for a long time — usually a week or more. The danger of this diet is that the body gets some nutrients at the same time experiencing an acute shortage in others. It is obvious that the body becomes difficult to function properly in such conditions.

A very popular protein diet, during which a person should exclude from your diet fats and carbohydrates, and give preference to products rich in protein. As a result, the liver can not cope with the processing of the protein, and the kidneys excretion. The consequences can be disastrous, ranging from problems with the metabolism and constipation to stones in the kidneys.

To low-carb diets include so-called cattily with a predominance of proteins, fats and vegetables and with a minimum content of cereals, grains, fruits, and berries. As you know, glucose is the main energy source for our brain. Its deficiency leads to nerve cell death and deterioration of the brain.

Hard to call it absolutely useful raw food diet, because this diet is not balanced.

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