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Lose weight correctly: named for a few options of snacks for 100 calories

Худеем правильно: названы несколько вариантов перекуса на 100 калорийDietitians provided advice that will help you not to starve during the day and remain slender or even lose weight.

Between meals must pass a minimum of 3 hours, but for many people, especially those who suffer from obesity, this time lasts so long, like a lifetime. Therefore, the nutritionists told me how to eat to not be hungry and not get better.

A portion of each of the following products is just 100 kcal:

three Mandarin;

– one Cup of blueberries or grapes 28;

– 14 almond nuts or peanut 20;

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– a tablespoon of peanut butter;

– boiled soft-boiled egg and more protein from the second egg;

– a medium-sized banana or Apple is quite large;

– half avocado;

– 4 medium-sized carrots;

one with a quarter stick of cheese “Suluguni”.

As we can see, quite a lot of products you can use for a snack during the working day when the main meal you have to wait a few hours. These one hundred calories will be enough to “bite”, and also benefit their health.

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The main advantage of these snacks is the fact that due to their accelerated metabolism and all the internal organs and systems are functioning correctly, so people will effectively get rid of extra pounds and become healthier at the same time.

Besides the fact that all these low-calorie foods are useful for the figure, they also benefit the whole body, because they contain vitamins, minerals, fatty acids omega-3, antioxidants and so on.

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