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Looks like remanufactured Samsung Galaxy Note7?

Published very high quality images new-old smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note7, which will soon go on sale after the restore procedure. Externally, as it turned out, these devices do not differ from the devices one by one blew up last fall, but one distinguishing feature is available.

Front restored Samsung Galaxy Note7 looks exactly the same as seventh Laptop sample 2016, no differences there. Everything is back – almost at the lower edge of the rear panel is clearly visible on the second photo and in real life, the letter “R”, which is short for “Refurbished”, which translated means “restored.” Samsung says that the new Galaxy Note7 completely safe and do not explode in the hands of owners or in the process of charging, but believe it is very difficult – you need to wait for the reviews first and most fearless buyers who decided to purchase this unit.

The smartphone should go on sale this summer at a yet unknown price, which is said to be almost half the cost of original cell at the start of sales. The new Samsung Galaxy Note7 not differ from the old, except that the battery capacity will greatly reduce in order to avoid the explosion.

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