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Looks like Octavia engine after 700 thousand kilometers

Как выглядит двигатель Octavia после 700 тысяч км пробегаThe authors of the video took the engine apart Octavia first generation.

Every year cars are becoming more technologically advanced and expensive. But the engines for the last two decades fundamental changes have not undergone. And this engine is from the old Octavia shows why.

Interestingly, the record lap at the Nurburgring for racing cars held for 35 years, whereas the stock cars to improve the results several times a year. This means that gradually racing technology goes to the masses.

Saying that just don’t make engines-millionaires, so perhaps before us – “the last of the Mohicans”. In Skoda’s and today there are good diesel engines, but whether to have a modern TDI is as good as Ducati years? If so, we are willing to forgive even the Volkswagen “deselect”.Photo: Skoda Octavia first generation 1996-2010 gg / Skoda

So, Octavia may not be the most interesting car among their classmates and same age, especially with a diesel engine 1.9 TDI. However, its reliability has earned the car a good reputation, thanks to which the Czech brand has become popular in Europe and beyond.

The authors of the video channel Car Throttle took the engine apart the first generation Octavia, which has the speedometer 693 thousand kilometers to show his condition. And what we see is impressive. Valves, Cams, manifolds – everything is almost like new. The only thing that indicates that long work of the engine – the accumulation of coke on the strip, but even it is to the benefit of, providing a certain sealing.

The mechanic says that the engine may even go he was not good. The only component that really requires a replacement turbine. Interestingly, car muffler factory, established in 1998. Of course, the condition of the components due to lean operation and regular maintenance.

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