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Look up to Saudi Arabia

Равняемся на Саудовскую Аравию

The proposal of Patriarch Kirill about how to make the mention of God in the Constitution, can not be called intelligent. Not only that, in this case, you need to strip the Constitution mention about the secular nature of Russia, but also required to decrypt, and the concept of “God” as different religions and cults, it has a different meaning and interpretation. Saudi Arabia, for example, solved the problem simply — its Constitution is the Koran. Since we fall somewhere in the middle ages, and some leaders are willing to give up in the slave system, we should just Saudi Arabia is the meaning to be. And who else?

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The inclusion of the Patriarch in the constitutional process finally turns it into a bad parody of “Gentlemen of fortune”, “what Dynamo running?” — “All run down”. Every self-respecting Federal official considers it his duty to take part in the race and give the industry initiative. The Patriarch works in vertical ideological office, because he moves the amendment.

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Embarrassing even to mention that the secular nature of Russia is enshrined in article 14, and therefore it is subject to change only with the adoption of the new Constitution. Who cares about such trifles?

Here, apparently, an important approach is to bring the situation to the point of absurdity and to bore the electorate in pointless disputes on countless innovations in which are securely hidden real amendment.

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