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Look like the monsters from “Bird box”?

In the recent horror film “Bird box” with Sandra bullock in the lead role you don’t see what you are so afraid of the characters. It is understandable, because the plot of even one glimpse of it is something inevitably maddening. But in fact, the founders almost was ready to show the audience their horrible creatures.

As recognized by screenwriter Eric Heisserer:

There was a time when one of the producers said, “No, at some point you will have something to show” and by and large forced me to write a scene of a nightmare in which Mallory meets one of the creatures in the house.

Sandra bullock, who plays Mallory, describes the creation as:

It was a green man with a creepy baby face. It was like a snake and I was like, “I don’t want to see it before it first appears. Just bring it into the room. We’ll shoot”. I turn around, and he sort of [threatened me]. It made me laugh. It was just a tall fat kid.

It’s not very clear whether we are talking about a man in makeup or in a green suit to overlay CGI. Anyway, directed by Susanne bier also says that the scene was more ridiculous than scary:

It’s too easy to become funny. We really took this and spent a lot of energy, but every time I saw it, I felt that there is no voltage. It was just funny. First, sandy said, “I don’t want to watch” because she thought it would be scary. But then it was something like: “don’t show it to me, because [I will laugh]”. Every time I saw it, I said, “Damn, that is an entirely different movie.”

Finally, Heisserer apologizes:

I am very sorry that you had to remove it.

I remember a similar story on the set of the Comedy “Clerks 2” when Harvey Weinstein asked the Kevin Smith show in the frame vaginal Troll… fortunately or not, but in both cases ended up costing. However, the feedback about “Bird box” rather ambiguous.

And you watched this movie? How do you like it?

Topic: Watch the first 5 minutes of “Bird boxes”

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