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Look in the DARK MIRROR

At our disposal were the first shots of the horror film “Dark mirror” (Look Away), the Russian premiere of which will take place in November. As you can see, the “mirror” in a localized title is not just an invention of the distributors. Mirrors are everywhere, and they all look. What’s there to see? And who can look out for you?

18-year-old student of the senior classes Maria unloved by their parents and rejected by their peers. Being an outcast, she confides all of his secrets and experiences of his reflection in the mirror, your imaginary evil twin who supports, encourages, and knows all her secrets. One day, she changes places with his DoppelgangeR, who begins to embody the most wild and untamed desires.

Castes made India Eisley’s (“underworld: Awakening”), Jason Isaacs (“Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets”), Mira Sorvino (“6 feet down”), Harrison Gilbertson (“Upgrade”), Penelope Mitchell (“Hemlock grove”), Adam Hertig (“the Cult of Chucky”), Kristen Harris (“Null channel”) and John S. MacDonald (“Dead summer”).

Screenplay and directed by Asaf Bernstein (“Debt”).

In the US Look Away will be released on 12 October, and immediately on the video, while in Russia the “Dark mirror” promises to show in theaters — November 8, 2018.

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