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Look at the art exhibition of works based on the works of Stephen king

If you suddenly this Friday happens to be in Los Angeles (well, who knows?), drive at Melrose Avenue 7308. There will be an exhibition on the occasion that Stephen king is incredibly tough. Just like that, Yes. As they say, why not?

The guys from Gallery 1988 has teamed up with several artists and decided to celebrate the incredible career of the King a kind of show-a tribute. To pay a tribute of respect to the person, without which it is impossible to imagine the modern media space. King ain’t just any writer, coming up with all sorts of horrors, but a real cultural phenomenon. He continues to work, though, and promised to quit, according to his books packs make films and TV shows (you have to check out the first trailer for “the Dark tower”?), go comics & graphic novels, audiobooks, other Hollywood stars… in Short, king – our all.

Since we are far from the City of Angels can only envy and start salivating. However, colleagues from Bloody-Disgusting has shared a handful of works, so that everyone could feel involved in the event. Most myakotka probably remained for visitors, but in this case satisfied with what I have. And there are, for example, the coolest matchbox with a suspiciously familiar machine. On most pictures the works of king are recognized instantly, but the again will have to string up the brains. Share your versions in the comments, then we will verify the results.

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