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Look at an excerpt from the forest of horror “Pywacket”

With your desires you need to be careful: they can be executed. And not as ordered. Horror movies have long had to accustom to it, but the characters did not stop. Because and want, and prickly, and sometimes very necessary.

In new forest horror from the producers of “Witches” and “Void” teenage girl is not at odds with my mother. Enough to kill her. So that they are willing to resort to occult ritual and call from the forest the witch that will do everything. It would seem, what could go wrong?.. Yes, everything! Because in the end the call girl responds to something different.

“Pywacket” (Pyewacket) on his own script took Adam MacDonald, Creator of the zoo-horror “Fateful trip.” This time he prepared the audience the meeting by the Bruin bear, and with someone terrible.

Key parties in the film was played by Nicole muñoz (“Supernatural”) and Laurie Holden, best known for the film adaptation from Stephen king’s “the Mist” and the TV series “the Walking dead”. Also, the caste was noted Missy Peregrym (“Heroes”), Eric Osborn (“Degrassi: the Next generation”), Chloe rose (“the call of the blood”), Victoria Sanchez (Dorian gray”. Portrait of evil”), Neil whitely (“Hemlock grove”) and others.

In the beginning of the month we looked at a pack of frames from the film and a few posters, a little earlier, check out the trailer, and now look gloomy passage. Pywacket comes out of the woods, and nothing good from it should not wait.

Release on VOD platforms will take place tomorrow: March 23, 2018.

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