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“Look around”: Go away! (VIDEO)

Zone Horror to get hold of a new passage from the Comedy horror “Look around”.

However, as in the previous video, entitled “don’t leave us alone”, here heroes not to laugh. It is understandable someone snuck into the house and wanders through the rooms with a shotgun! What to do in this situation? According to an old cinematic tradition to hide in the closet, of course.

The synopsis of the film:

Winter Christmas eve in the quiet, snow-covered American suburb. Ashley works as a nurse at Deandra and Robert Lerners, looking after their 12-year-old son. But this evening she has to stand up for the boy when the house starts to break strangers… and this is not the usual robbery attempt.

Robbery attempt, maybe not normal, and now a movie, apparently, very simple, no pretending. However, to brighten up a cold evening can, still and the Christmas atmosphere will bring. And no matter what New year still three months I have, for example, is now so cold that thinking about the winter holidays already seem some late.

The authors of the script “Look around” — Chris Peckover (“Illegals”) and Zack Kahn (“Psycho”). Director — Chris Peckover.

In the excerpt below, you can see young actors Olivia DeJong (“Visit”) and Levi Miller (“Jasper Johns”).

“Look around you” will be released in us cinemas and VOD services already on 6 October 2017. And by the way, recently the movie has been assigned an age rating R. Guess what?

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