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Look – a new book in the series SSK!

This year the total circulation of books in the series “the worst book” (and related, a kind of “spin-offs”) exceeded 40 000 copies, which for the current crisis for domestic, and world of book publishing, a very, very cool. And in this year in the SSK-series will be more books than ever.

Already left a gift “the worst book: the Best” has already been reissued in a paperback anthology of “13 witches”. Recently went on sale in the first novel in the series – “Fatalist” (read the review Mikhail Pavlov in this book). Already almost sold zero copies of the book “Zone of terror”, whose author is someone darklot 🙂

But that’s not all. Approved for publication: ANOTHER novel – “Skeletons” Maxim Kabir; the anthology “13 monsters”, of course – “the worst book 2018”. And a new author’s collection, it is the expected “devil’s fingers”, the novels and stories of one of the leading authors of the modern young “dark wave” – Dmitry Tikhonov.

Here is how Dmitry is exclusive commented on Zone Horror the news:

If anything, all questions to him. To hell. It’s their clawed fingers pounded on the keyboards of computers and laptops over the past eight years, folding from the scattered fragments of the universe of stories and novels collected in this book. Or not? Or should I amassed their letters, grandma’s Christmas carols, the evening silence and nightmares, sepsise while working as a school teacher? Maybe. In any case, I hope that “devil’s fingers” will not fail, what will hold readers tight. Me-they still did not let go.

On the cover of the book works, the artist Tatiana Vereiskaya. Until ready only a few sketches, which we are pleased to demonstrate you in understanding the direction of work. However, the final version of the cover exactly will be very different from any of these sketches:

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