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Long term weight loss promotes meditation

Долгосрочной потере веса способствует медитацияSo say the experts.

If you managed to lose weight and you all want to save the results, do some meditation of mindfulness, suggest canadian researchers from McGill University in Montreal.

Experts believe that this technique can be very effective in maintaining weight and preventing recruitment of extra pounds. The practice of meditation focuses on maintaining awareness of the thoughts, encouraging people to focus on the present moment. Previous studies have shown that mindfulness meditation can help reduce stress and depression, reduce the severity of pain, increase energy and even protect against heart disease.

During the tests, experts analyzed 19 studies that examined how mindfulness affects long-term weight loss. The total number of participants amounted to 1,160 people. It was established that the practice of mindfulness greatly effective in reducing weight and improving eating behavior.

According to scientists, meditation is not as effective in the short term, as a weight loss program based purely on diet changes and physical exercises that give immediate results. However, participants who practiced mindfulness, achieved more stable results in the long term. Participants who have never practiced meditation, did not lose more weight, and many people scored greater part of the pounds that they initially lost.

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