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London taxi drivers will be transplanted into hybrids TX eCity

Лондонских таксистов пересадят на гибриды TX eCityThe total reserve of the car is more than 640 kilometres

The company London Taxi Company (renamed LEVC), which is now owned by Chinese Geely, has introduced a London cab new generation.

Model TX eCity equipped with a hybrid propulsion with a small combustion engine. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The cab now has a 1.3-liter gasoline engine, battery pack and an electric motor. The total reserve of more than 640 miles, about 110 miles car is capable to overcome the electric range.

“Fill up” with electricity the drivers will be able to one of the 300 stations that will be built in London specifically for the taxi to the end of 2018. Charging will take about 45 minutes.

A large part in the development of new products adopted the design center of Geely in Barcelona.

Externally, the car resembles the classic model FX4. In the cabin of the cab, in addition to the traditional seats, there are folding chair, maximum occupancy is six people.

TX eCity there is also a large panoramic roof and a set of elements of the interior from the car brand Volvo, which also owns Geely. This, for example, a steering wheel and a multimedia system display and handle gear selector and the switch is responsible for starting and stopping the motor.

It is known that Geely has invested in the development LEVC more than 370 million euros. Most of the funds went to a new plant in Coventry, which can produce up to 24 thousand cars per year.

Subsequently, on the platform of the new cab is planned to make a light commercial machine. By 2020, half of the plant’s production will be exported. For example, more than two hundred hybrid cabs have already ordered the Amsterdam authorities.

The cost of new items of information yet, however, LEVC will offer several programs for the purchase of the machine. Potential customers the car will present in August, and the General public in October. Delivery TX eCity will begin shortly thereafter.

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