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Lolita told me about his daughter living in Kiev

Лолита рассказала о своей дочери, живущей в КиевеThe daughter of singer Lolita Milavskaya eve was not drawn to the society because it is much bigger inside.

So the artist has described the only problem your child on the page in Facebook.

“My daughter live, and she hasn’t started it in an adult. I wonder what kind of society it will be surround?.. I hope sane and developed. It is not glamoured because she’s not interested. She is the real glasses, books and a computer, the history of the theatre and circus. Here are the main preferences. She has no need to reach the society through social networks and I don’t really want. I thank all students, parents, Director and teacher of the usual (stress) of the Kiev school for what chased overlaid the entrance to the school of journalists with not the best intentions,” she wrote.

“Many brilliant people with autism in the world. And maybe I should feel sorry that her daughter is not a Genius? Autistic does not react to the anger in society, he lives in a wonderful world of numbers, additions and subtractions, knowledge.. I am talking about the distinct forms. I have a normal child, not Einstein.. she can’t pull in society, it is older inside, and it’s already forgiveness and empathy. These are the qualities again, it will not give to genetics.. which is A pity, many would have wished to alter the genetic code,” added Lo.

Лолита рассказала о своей дочери, живущей в Киеве

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