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Lolita expressed outrage: “my daughter never had autism”

Recently, 53-year-old singer lolita Milyavskaya the landed from the train, which was heading to Ukraine. The singer went to Kiev to mother and daughter Eva, who is ill. However, in Konotop she was not allowed to go further and put on the train back to Moscow. It turned out that the Ukrainian authorities have banned Milavskaya entry to the territory of the country.

Fans and colleagues of Lolita rose to her defense. Many of the media publicity given to this story, and the singer thanked the television and the press for support. However, Palladium was unhappy with the fact that journalists call her 18-year-old daughter eve autistic. The actress said that she does not suffer from this disease, and stated that he expects an apology.

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“I’m grateful for the support of the media and 1 Channel, the program “Time”. But, dear journalists, you should check the details of family members! In particular, mine! Ever my daughter was not autistic! Some jerk posted Her name on the website children with this disease. Perhaps this was due to “hacks”, in an interview which, when Evie was little, I told of how some “doctors” wanting to breed for money, tried to give us a diagnosis. One of the great Russian scientists, Professor Petrukhin Andrey Sergeevich, specialist for autism, gave his opinion many years ago, and this spring, met we on vacation, reiterated that he was surprised to see eve in these lists! I expect an apology from channel 1 and all the others who in recent days have reported this stuff in the reports and articles,” wrote Lolita in Instagram (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

Recall, Lolita gave birth to a daughter in 1999 from my ex-husband Alexander Tsekalo. In an interview, Lo said that he has many years takes no part in the life of eve. According to the singer, Tsekalo even congratulate her daughter with a birthday, however despite this, in the presence of girls, Lolita says ex-husband only good.

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