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Logic trap

Логическая ловушка

I often hear this conversation:

— What do these protesters?

— They want fair elections

— Ah, come on you! — wise saying.

He understands what took place opiuma cheating when verifying signatures. So he doesn’t want to say that there’s “dead souls” — what’s “dead souls”, when real people came with passports and testified that they signed, and proversity purposely drove their names with errors, or graphology purposely said something about the wrong strokes. I repeat, it is all it knows. But even on the words to fight the power he wants. So he adopts a pose sort of top looking, smart, crafty, moderately cynical observer, old birds, grated Kalach.

— Ah, come on! he says. — Fair elections do not happen! It is, in principle, can not be, you know? Politics is always dirty and cheating!

I understand that old bird, he’s an old hand, have painted themselves into a nasty logical trap.

Because if “fair elections do not happen”, if “politics is dirty and cheating”, it means — and the current government was the result of fraud and violence. So we have to obey the law, that is not freely expressed and fairly measured the will of the people, and cunning of lies and brute force.

Here what conclusion follows from the wisely cynical phrase “fair elections do not happen.”

Well, to submit to a gross and false power or not — that’s each for himself chooses, at your own risk.

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