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Locked in a Cage. The trailer and posters

British Thriller “the Cell” (of course, not the same, but completely different) came out in the last year, I strolled, as usual in independent film for festivals, and then finally moved to a massive audience.

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Judging by the trailer, which you can see below, “Cell” is the theatre of one actor, or rather actress, Lucy-Jane Quinlan. Her character unexpectedly for herself is trapped alone with the voices from mobile phone. However, it is noted that in some point in history appears movie veteran Patrick Bergin (“sleeping with the enemy”, “Lawnmower man 2” or promising “Fire”, for example).

So, the synopsis is the following:

Seattle, 2001, twenty-seven, Gracie Blake is desperately trying to make ends meet, working at home, taking chat calls from male customers. Her little daughter, the constant pressure on the psyche, developing a dependence on drugs… Gracie clearly need a break. And it comes after a call from a new client, Peter Charles Bradley, offering the girl $ 5,000 for one meeting… Gracie agrees… and the next morning she wakes up in a wooden cage for animals in the middle of an empty warehouse that can be located anywhere.

As we have said above, of geroni Quinlan has a phone, but that it does not help. Why is all this happening to her? Maybe some maniac is trying to convey to her his philosophy in the spirit of “Saw”? Torture here don’t seem to be, the creators seem to have more push on the drama, but the analogy still begs. In addition, the availability of cell phone and abandonment in space is associated with “Buried alive”. Whether young Quinlan like Ryan Reynolds pulling on a film? It is not very clear. In the trailer she looks quite calm and somehow even inappropriate beautiful. What is highlighted in the cage? However, Director Warren Dudley , the actress seems completely satisfied, this is their second film together (and as they say, in the first, The Cutting Roomhe also worked on her sheet). And speak of the picture is pretty good. Not a breakthrough year, but to brighten up the evening, probably.

So, Cage became available for viewing in streaming Amazon Prime. It even has called the “unsung jewel” adorning Amazon. Well, we’ll see.

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