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Lock Telegram appreciated

The business expects losses of $2 billion in the worst case scenario

Блокировку Telegram высоко оценили

Internet Ombudsman Dmitry marinicheva proposed to develop measures to support companies affected by the IP block during the limitations Telegram. According to the software developer Flexbby, a continuation of current methods of dealing with messenger in the coming months may cost Russian companies $1 billion, almost the same amount for the year can receive the American Amazon and Google. Roskomnadzor, since the beginning of the blocking Telegram has already received more than 46 thousand complaints began consultations with representatives of the industry.

The CEO of software developer Flexbby (resident of “SKOLKOVO”), Andrey Prokofiev proposed Internet Ombudsman Dmitry marinicheva to form the operational headquarters of the representatives of government and business to solve problems of companies affected by the locks, to the letter of 24 April (“b”). According to Mr. Prokofiev, necessary legislative amendments that will eliminate a situation in which “the vital services of the Russian business will be blocked unilaterally”.

Igor Artemyev, head of FAS, the blocking Telegram (quoted by TASS)

Блокировку Telegram высоко оценили

I hope that when this goal will not be swept away all around a powerful hurricane. We are not China, which closed

Restricting access to Telegram, according to the court, began in Russia on April 16. Telegram shied away from the lock, using the services of Amazon, Google, etc. as of Wednesday evening, Roskomnadzor has blacklisted about 18 million IP addresses. This leads to disruption of Internet services of Google itself and third-party companies. Affected about 400 Russian organizations using Google and Amazon, estimates Flexbby: they have failures of data warehouses, business applications, systems, artificial intelligence, geolocation, payments, cooperation with banks, customer service, etc. the Potential financial losses of the Russian business in case of continuation of lock in the coming months the company estimates $1 billion.

The suspension of the health of cloud services of Amazon and Google, and Google advertising platforms can result in the loss of the two corporations of $940 million by 2018, predicts Flexbby.

“This is the most pessimistic scenario”,— emphasizes Andrey Prokofiev. The beneficiaries of the redistribution of the market, in his opinion, may become Rostelecom, Group, “Yandex” and Microsoft whose cloud services are in high demand.

Roskomnadzor expands its capabilities to limit access to sites

Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev told “Kommersant” that has not yet received a letter but expects a “snowball” of complaints from companies affected by the lock. “Outage service is a reputational blow to the company, but the Russian business, who does not like to enter into a confrontation with the state authorities, there is an innate caution. These factors impede the damage assessment and handling of complaints”,— said Mr. Marinichev.

Roskomnadzor made the “wild number of mistakes” when you lock the Telegram, the business had the damage, I agree managing partner of LETA Capital Alexander Chachava. But if you look wider, it is much more difficulties for businesses to create sanctions the US, EU and Russian counter-sanctions, he said. “It’s definitely worth the extra billions of dollars primarily to us companies”,— said Mr. Chachava.

How E-insurance injured in the fight with a Telegram

Damage assessment of companies because of the IP block is outside the competence of Roscomnadzor, told “Kommersant” in the Ministry, expressing willingness to consider a formal proposal on the establishment of the operational headquarters on the issue of the locks. It stressed that the business is being negotiated, in particular, Roskomnadzor held a meeting with industry to “develop joint solutions to ensure the smooth operation of the infrastructure.” “Measures are being taken to avoid blocking of good resources. Considers all appeals and complaints received on the hot line of Roskomnadzor and ROCIT. Those who came under the lock, is aware of the situation, the search for mutually acceptable solutions”,— is spoken in Roskomnadzor. According to the Agency, on its hotline has already received 46 thousand requests for ROCIT — 2.9 K

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