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“Local” involved in a gang war (VIDEO)

Cheerful postupatel The Domestics are already available on video, and as bait we have the first trailer.

In a creepy post-apocalyptic world that is divided between the gang of ruthless killers, simple couple desperately tries to break through the land of lawlessness and cruelty in search of a safe place.

Castes made up Kate Bosworth (“Somnia”), Tyler Hecklin (“Cub”), Sonoa Mizuno (“Annihilation”), lance Reddick (“John Wick”), David Dastmalchian (“twin Peaks”), Dan Gore (“Django unchained”) and other actors.

Director and script author is Mike P. Nelson (the”Summer school”).

A week ago we saw a decent trailer for “Local”, and on 29 June, the picture appeared on the VOD platforms. Movie is not for hire, but seems quite sturdy.

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