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“Live” photos of the smartphone, OnePlus 5T published online

A few days before the announcement in the Chinese equivalent of Twitter called Weibo appeared “live” photos of the new flagship smartphone OnePlus 5T, which is still can get the name OnePlus 6. The display apparatus is expected in early November this year, and in the back it looks exactly the same as the current OnePlus 5, but the front have changed dramatically.

On the front panel OnePlus 5T has no fingerprint scanner – it was moved to the rear of the housing to fabricate a place under the extended screen is almost borderless with Full HD resolution and aspect ratio of 18:9. The physical size of the screen increased to 6 inches, and the smartphone will retain the same dimensions. For stuffing OnePlus 5T is no different from OnePlus 5, except that it now has a front facing camera on 16 megapixels authored by Sony, and the rest is 6 or 8 GB of RAM, hard drive 64 or 128 gigabytes, and a top processor Qualcomm 835, which is now put at all the flagships, but in January or February will be replaced with a new 845-th chip.

OnePlus 5T is equipped with dual primary camera with Sony sensor and IMX398 IMX350 20 and 16 MP, respectively, so that combined with 16-megapixel frontalka will be a very good camera for reasonable money – it is rumored that OnePlus 5T will be asked in the region of $550, while for X the new iPhone in Russia asked almost 100 000.

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