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Live like bond: what 007 gadgets you can buy

Cool cars, hitting right on target the gun and laser watch – high-tech gadgets have become as much a part of the franchise about the agent 007 of eccentric villains and beautiful women. As it turned out, at least some of the gadgets can buy today any mortal – and you do not necessarily have a security clearance and millions in her personal account or to violate the laws.

Live like bond: what 007 gadgets you can buy

JET RANECU the beginning of the film “Thunderball” in 1965, James bond, performed by Sean Connery flies from the roof of the castle from the henchmen of his enemy with a jetpack. This portable design personal aircraft is absolutely not new – “reactive vests” were developed during the Second world war in Nazi Germany, and in 1950-e years it was closely involved scientists from the United States. The first ever free flight without a tether was made in 1961. Today the jetpack is not a privilege of military aviation, and such “accessory” can buy almost any fan of thrills. However, these packs do not differ in compactness and hide them will not work. However, modern jet packs can boast even more features, weeks gadget of bond from the 1960s: for example, some models are created to catalyse runners, others for underwater “flight”. Developed even special packs for EVAs – similar to the ones shown in the movie “gravity”.

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The jet pack from “Thunderball”

The CAR UNDERWATER “the Spy who loved me” (1977) agent 007 is the proud owner of the car Lotus Esprit which is able to move swimming at sufficient depth. It’s like ever hero Roger Moore in this part is forced to confront the evil that dwells in an underwater shelter. The gunman was inspired by the CEO of Rinspeed Frank Rinderknecht, known for his eccentric projects, the creation SQuba is the first car in the world that can be operated both on land and in water. The car on sale has not yet been received, but the creators assure that it will not be very expensive – cheaper “rolls-Royce”.

“Waterfowl” Lotus Esprit

“LITTLE NELLIE””Little Nellie” (Nellie Little) – the nickname of a gyrocopter, which bond Connery is flying in the film “you only Live twice”. In the 1960-ies a similar aircraft called gyrocopters. By the way, the role of “Nellie” “performed” in fact existed Wallis WA-116, and developed its not a technical genius Q, and Ken Wallis of the Royal air force of great Britain. Currently, many companies are also developing similar portable helicopters: their wide use will bring a new level the concept of aviation.

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“Little Nellie” on the movie poster you only Live twice

Marthasville “Casino Royale” and “quantum of solace” was a disappointment to many viewers the lack of high-tech “helpers” bond, however, in the film “007 Coordinates Skayfoll” the inventor Q is back (taking the form of actor Ben whishaw) and submitted superspy smartgun – gun, which is designed only for use with the 007, as it reads the palm print of the spy. In 2014, gun 22 caliber, equipped with such protection, went on sale in the States.

Daniel Craig in James bond

LASER USTANOVKI 1964, when the screens released film “Goldfinger”, the lasers were high-tech scientific miracle, available only to the richest villains. Today, the high energy lasers of course to burn a hole in your pocket (literally and figuratively), but are used almost universally in many fields of science, technology, industry and medicine.

Laser in “Goldfinger”

TUMBLING NUMBER of SNAKW the same “Goldfinger” bond Sean Connery appear behind the wheel of a luxury car Aston Martin DB5, equipped with a very convenient for spies and criminals part. License plate can roll, which eliminates the possibility of identifying the vehicle. Such a device today can be purchased for $ 350, however, the representatives of the law did not really favor.

Aston Martin with the license plate flips

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