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Live in a fabulous madhouse

Live in a fabulous madhouse. Otherwise this mess will not name. In three months the price of oil in the world fell from 70 to 15-20 dollars. In point, even went into negative.

In almost all countries of the world against the background of the collapse of demand for fuel (30-40%), quarantine, stoppage of industry and transport, falling gasoline prices (15-30%). This happens in the US, Germany, France, UK, China, Japan, etc.

And only Russia has built so insane, miserable and parasitic financial and economic system that even the collapse of oil more expensive gasoline.

Formally, on paper, in its reports to the government reports of the cost of gasoline 5-10 cents, but at the gas station fuel becomes more expensive.

It’s simple: the ruling power to compensate losses of the budget and the oligarchs (commodity exporters) from a collapse in energy prices on external markets by raising domestic prices for Russians and business. Business, nothing personal.

The main reason is the oppressive fiscal policy.

The price of a liter of gasoline 65-70% comes from taxes and payments to the budget (met, excise duty, VAT, etc.). Of 50 rubles per liter 33 rubles to privatize state takes.

Authorities have conducted destructive “tax maneuver” in the oil and gas industry: zero export duty on fuel and significantly increase the mineral extraction tax and excise duties. In the end, the tax burden is shifted from the foreign buyers on the inside, those on business and people.

With a weak ruble (he fell from 23.5 to 75 rubles per dollar in 2008), the oligarchs more profitable to sell raw materials abroad than inside the country. And they raise prices.

Here launched the “back the excise tax,” and a damper: when the prices in foreign markets are high (due to high oil prices and a weak ruble), the government pays companies from the budget to those not raised prices in the Russian Federation. Conversely, exporters to pay to the budget, when foreign markets profitability below.

As a result, the price of gasoline and diesel are moving in one direction: rising in the sky even with cheap oil. For such a stifling fiscal policy need to send to court.

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