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Live and artificial tree: doctors have called all the “pros” and “cons”

Живая и искусственная елка: медики назвали все "за" и "против"Experts spoke about the benefits of live and artificial Christmas trees, as well as their disadvantages.

New year is approaching and very soon in their homes and apartments, people will start to decorate the Christmas tree. Someone long ago bought artificial beauty and matched the jewellery to her, and someone will go in search of the most beautiful and fluffy Christmas tree, which only recently was cut down in the woods. Both versions of the new year attribute, that is, the Christmas tree has its own characteristics. The doctors laid out “on the shelves” all “for” and “against”, to help you decide about buying a live or an artificial Christmas tree.

The advantages of the present wood beauty:

1. Saturates the air with useful substances – volatile production. Thanks to them, has the effect of protection against viral infections.

2. Calms the nerves. It is thanks to the scent of pine needles, spreading through all the rooms, you will feel a kind of moral peace of mind.

3. Enhances mood and makes everyone at home happy. The thing is that the same volatile allocated needles, entering the human body with air, twice provoke the production of hormones of joy.

Disadvantages of live Christmas trees:

1. Needles quickly loses its beneficial properties. Unfortunately, after a few days in your home will not remain a trace of the beautiful aroma of Christmas trees.

2. She quickly showered. Yes, people who are committed to living trees and pines, you know that these trees should always care for, sweeping the floor. And when you need to make a Christmas tree on the street, in the house and the porch will be full of needles.

3. It is a pity. It does not say, but the living tree has been cut down in order to please you. But if in your heart you feel the need to protect nature, then immediately buy an artificial tree.

Pluses artificial Christmas tree:

1. She can give a perfect shape because the branches bend in all directions. Toys on a tree look great.

2. She always waits until you get out of the closet, that is, to run and look for a suitable tree is not required.

3. Artificial tree always retains a bright green color and does not yellow over time.

4. Buying an artificial fir-tree, you preserve nature and care about the environment.

5. She didn’t fall off the needles. Your house will be clean and comfortable. You don’t have to cover the whole staircase, as in the case of a living tree.

Have artificial Christmas trees or pine trees have two major drawbacks – it is highly flammable and expensive. But there are also advantages, because you spend only once, and will last you this tree for about 20 years … if not more. In the case of fire due to garland – a live tree could just as well ignite, so you should be equally careful and stand on the other tree.

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