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Little known symptoms of cancer that cannot be ignored

Малоизвестные симптомы рака, которые нельзя игнорироватьTen important symptoms.

Many people think that these “calls” are irrelevant and mean nothing, and, unfortunately, deluded.

Actually, this is a warning signals which gives you to your body: Hey, darling, not all right, run to the doctor!

British scientists on the basis of a survey of nearly two thousand people with cancer, compiled a list of the seventeen symptoms, which bother these people at the initial stage of cancer. Then from these 17 symptoms experts have identified ten key.

Here they are:

After accidentally hitting a bump or bruise does not disappear within a few weeks. Or even over time, only increase. Enough to wait: pass — not pass? Urgently to the doctor! In the aforementioned survey of British doctors nearly 18 percent of people admitted that they have on the body was the tumor of an unknown origin, but 77 percent of them thought it was nothing serious.

Cough and hoarseness, although the cold season has not yet arrived. If these symptoms last longer than two weeks, alerted. Especially if there are long-term hoarseness — this is reminiscent of the symptoms of lung cancer or throat cancer. Also, any cough or hoarseness that does not go away after taking medicines, too, are a compelling reason to visit a doctor.

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Changes in digestion and excretion (excretion of substances that are formed during the process of metabolism). In the British study, eighteen percent of the patients said that they had noticed changes in digestion (changed frequency of eating, food preferences, changed the chair). It is clear that such changes may be associated with eating certain foods or taking medicine, but still better check back, because such changes can be a symptom of including cancer of the colon.

Changes in the activity of the bladder. Problems with urination, according to experts, one of the most overlooked symptoms of cancer. Blood in the urine, frequent urination, painful urination — all this should be cause to immediately go to the doctor’s office.

Unexplainable pain. Prolonged pain in any part of the body means something bad. And in the case of cancer, according to the American cancer society, long-term pain is typical for bone cancer or spread of the tumor. However, only forty percent of cancer patients who face such a problem at the initial stage of its development thought it was something serious.

Constant pain in the neck. Especially if it appears when turning the head, or pain that does not pass — it can be a sign of cancer of the larynx or throat. Meanwhile, nearly eighty percent of people initially thought that all of this nonsense.

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Unexplained weight loss. According to the American cancer society, unexplained weight loss of more than five kilograms is often one of the first “bells” of cancer. In particular, this can be one of the warning symptoms of cancer of the esophagus, pancreas, stomach or lung.

Problems with swallowing. Another symptoms you should not underestimate. Although this can often be just an indicator of problems in the nervous system, often can be a symptom of cancer of the esophagus, stomach or throat.

Bleeding. Coughing up blood can be a sign of lung cancer. Blood in the stool to indicate a cancer of the colon or rectum. Any unexplained prolonged bleeding should be cause for you to immediately sign up to the doctor.

Changes in the skin. Seven percent of respondents in the British study said that in some point noticed changes in the skin, but only half of them sought medical help. Other respondents interpreted the changes of the epidermis as a serious or significant signal. And in vain, because skin cancer at an early stage in most cases is treatable.

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