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Little Chemodanovka reared, sprosiv the whole of Russia

Criminal case about murder of the inhabitant of the village Chemodanovka, Penza region transferred to the Main investigation Department of the RF IC. This decision was made by the head of Department Alexander Bastrykin. As reported TFR spokesman Svetlana Petrenko, this is done in order to make the most complete, impartial and prompt investigation.

According to her, to provide practical assistance in the investigation already sent experienced forensic investigators of the Central apparatus of the Ministry. The representative of the RCDS also said that Bastrykin instructed very quickly to carry out a complex of necessary investigative actions aimed at establishing all the causes and conditions of the incident and prerequisites in the incident.

Petrenko also said that the Minister was required to establish and prosecute all those responsible, including officials, law enforcement officials and prevention, ignored the alarm signals from locals and not to have taken adequate and timely measures to stabilize the situation.

“The connivance of each responsible person will receive strict legal assessment,” she said.

In addition, the representative of the TFR said that the result of the undertaken investigation measures to date, installed all the parties to the conflict, their roles in the incident are established. While three of the defendants are already detained, we are working to arrest the other defendants.

Earlier on the website of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee has information that in result of the mass brawl in Chemodanivka to the police was taken 174. Established all parties to the conflict and witnesses of the incident.

The report stresses that in less than a day investigators had questioned 21 the witness conducted 22 searches, 9 examinations of the scene assigned to 5 examinations.

A criminal case on the fact of mass fight on Saturday, June 15, was changed to a more serious articles: murder and attempted murder by a group of people after it became known that in hospital one of the victims died, hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury. Another victim is in intensive care in serious condition.

According to the interior Ministry, the conflict arose on the household soil in the evening of 13 June. Group dedicated Penza social network “Vkontakte”, it is argued that it all started due to the fact that the representatives of the Roma community “massively molested” to the daughters of local residents. According to another version, earlier Gypsies tried to rape a minor local resident. After that there was a fight, according to witnesses, shots were heard. From one of the social networks described the situation as “war”.

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“…One guy stabbed with a knife, someone’s head with a slate struck” — so describe what is happening in social networks.

As a result, in Chemodanivka began the people’s Assembly, culminating in the overlap of local residents the Federal highway M-5 “Ural”. Some time later, the participants dispersed and moved out of the way.

Commenting on the incident, the Governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev said that in this situation not to jump to conclusions.

“The situation in Chemodanovka. I personally spoke with the acting chief of police in the Penza region and the head of the district, the General tight controls, experts to investigate the causes of the conflict and the circumstances. Please refrain from premature conclusions,” wrote Belozertsev in your account in Instagram.

Later, the Governor personally went to the scene of the conflict, he assured residents that the perpetrators of the tragedy will be punished by law.

Belozertsev urged to refrain from premature conclusions and promised that the authorities will take the lead in organizing the funeral of the deceased, as well as provide any other assistance to his relatives. He also visited his family and expressed his condolences.

“The tragedy occurred, but this does not mean that we should take revenge and kill. We are all citizens of the Russian Federation, and this means that you need to punish the guilty under the law,” he said.

The Governor also assured that he will be in the village as long as necessary for normalization.

“We must ensure the safety of all citizens, the other way we have, all differences should be resolved peacefully”, — he stressed.

The Governor also commented on the appeals of the villagers to be evicted from Chemodanovka representatives of the Roma Diaspora. Belozertsev noted the need to use legal methods of determining the place of residence of people.

“If there is no reason to stay, they will be taken to here they live. For each situation, we will see”, he concluded.

— There is a feeling that it’s not finished, and will be continued, — said associate Professor of the Department of regional studies and Foreign policy of the Russian state humanitarian University, Vadim Trukhachev.

— It is possible that this will happen in another region. For example, on the outskirts of Tula or somewhere else where there are similar stories. In the Penza case, too great a passion, so the case was quickly settled.

“SP”: — Why in Russia it often happens that a negative attitude towards the Roma? How is it justified?

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— The problem with Gypsies is not only in Russia but also in Europe. And they are all similar. Tabor often are centers of drug trafficking, stealing children, fraud. Of course, there is a law-abiding Gypsies, a lot of them. But the activities of criminal elements is so striking that the shadow of it (sometimes wrongly) discarded the whole nation.

“SP”: — Can this situation be repeated in the cities, and on a large scale?

— Unfortunately, could be repeated in major cities. Because of this Roma settlement have on their outskirts. And crime there as much as in the “rural”.

“SP”: — Local residents blocked a Federal highway. How to react? To punish?

— Overlapping runs — this is an act of desperation. Of course, to block the route is not necessary. But we must not allow reason to do so. It is necessary to punish not only murderers, but also those officials and security forces, which had covered them. And not only in the Penza case.

“SP”: — How do you rate the authorities ‘ response? Adequate she? Is it right that the Governor himself came?

— The Governor has arrived correctly. But this is not enough. Need at the Federal level to talk about the issue of Roma settlements. And do not gloss over, as I got into the habit to do. The signal should come from the Federal centre, and the place should arrive a minimum of bells.

“SP”: — This is not the first precedent, when the Russian residents of the settlement in conflict with the migrant people of other nationality. Is it possible to say that Russia has no national tension?

— Tensions there are, are almost everywhere. I must admit there is a problem at the Federal level, and deal with it. Otherwise, it will only grow, jeopardizing stability in the country.

“SP”: — Today it became known that Alexander Bastrykin took the decision to transfer the criminal case to the investigation Department of the RF IC. What does it mean, in your opinion? How will this affect the results of the investigation and the solution of the conflict?

— Bastrykin did the right thing. Response from business is too great to simply allow local security forces it slowly “hush.” This must be where all those responsible go to jail. The question is, in the future dealt with the cause of the disease, not the effect. Led prevention. While it is not enough.

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