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Lithium-carbon battery is seven times better than lithium-ion

Литий-углекислотная батарея в семь раз лучше литий-ионной

Lithium-carbon batteries are extremely efficient batteries, because they are specific energy density seven times higher than lithium-ion batteries. However, until now scientists could not create a fully rechargeable lithium battery carbon dioxide.

And now researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago stated that it had successfully tested a prototype of a lithium-carbon battery that can withstand up to 500 cycles of charging/discharging. The results of their study published in the journal Advanced Materials.

“Lithium-carbon battery promising, but in practice we still couldn’t get a really efficient battery,” says one of the authors Amin Salehi-Khodzhin, associate Professor of mechanical and industrial engineering in UIC”s College of Engineering.

Traditionally, when the discharged lithium-carbon battery, it produces lithium carbonate and carbon. The carbonate recycle lithium during the charging phase, but the carbon just builds up on the catalyst, which ultimately leads to battery failure.

“The carbon buildup not only blocks the active centers of the catalyst and prevents the diffusion of carbon dioxide, but also starts the decomposition of the electrolyte in the charged state,” said Alireza Ahmadabadi, another author of the study, graduate student UIC”s College of Engineering.

Salehi-Khodzhin and his colleagues used new materials in his experimental carbon-dioxide battery, in order to encourage careful processing as lithium carbonate, and carbon. They used molybdenum disulfide as a cathode catalyst in combination with a hybrid electrolyte to help to turn the carbon in a cyclic process.

In particular, the combination of materials gives a unified multi-composite products, not individual products, making processing more efficient.

“Our unique combination of materials helps to make the first lithium-carbon battery with neutral carbon emissions is much more effective and long-lived, allowing its use in modern energy storage systems,” concluded Salehi Khodzhin.

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