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List of the most embarrassing incidents during foreign trips trump

Составлен список самых конфузных случаев во время зарубежных поездок ТрампаTour of the President teems with odd occasions.

Donald trump managed to reconcile with his wife in the Vatican, to dance with the king of Saudi Arabia and to demonstrate his signature tricks with a handshake.

The President of the United States Donald trump is known for his eccentric behavior, and his tour was marked by a series of incidents that did not go unnoticed. Today gathered all the awkward situations with trump during his visits to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy, the Vatican and Belgium.

So, the first mistake was made during preparation for the trip – the US President on his page in Facebook published a map with the route of the tour, which was incorrectly specified boundaries of Italy.

On the map regions of France, Corsica has been designated as Italian territory. In fact, the Mediterranean island, located to the North of Sardinia is part of Italy since the XVIII century.

The uncovered head of First lady

In Saudi Arabia, the U.S. President’s wife Melania trump went out in public without the prescribed Muslim customs headgear.

The first lady followed the example of other influential women of the West, visited the Kingdom. In meetings with officials of Saudi Arabia without headgear was attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Theresa may. In the same way his wife was accompanied by his wife informed US President Barack Obama Michel.

However, Donald trump paid tribute to the traditions of the Saudis, along with us Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and chief strategist of the White house Steve Bannon taking part in a traditional dance with swords Arda.

Arda begins with the chanting of the verses of the drumbeat. After this, the dancers raise swords that expresses their joy, pride and loyalty to the king.

Saudi Arda often associated with military achievements, but nowadays it is performed during special occasions and celebrations and has become widespread in all provinces of Saudi Arabia.

Cheeky selfie and problems with the handshake

Not without ceremonial curiosities and in the course of the visit trump in Israel. At the airport the US President tried to take his wife’s hand, but she resisted and even frown hit her husband on the arm.

Before he could reach the airfield, trump immediately went to a shot of the Deputy of the Israeli Parliament Oren Hazan.

When the President started shaking hands standing in a number of Israeli politicians, the chazan stopped him, took from his jacket pocket the mobile phone did with the trump selfie.

In the Internet appeared the video, which you can see as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying unsuccessfully to ward off his fellow party member from trump.

In addition, before the official photo shoot with Benjamin Netanyahu, U.S. President instead of shake his hand, he continued to look straight ahead, and then stepped aside, momentarily leaving the Israeli Prime Minister to stand awkwardly with an outstretched hand. However, the Protocol managers launched trump, and the two leaders still firmly shook hands.

That Melania is preparing dinner Donald?

Melania trump again refused to take wife’s hand upon arrival in Italy. At the exit of the plane the First lady sharp movement recoiled from the outstretched hand of the President, then owner of the White house with his wife just descended the stairs side by side.

Note, the American President and his wife were photographed holding hands during a visit to the Sistine chapel in the Vatican.

Not passed the First lady of the United States and a tricky question of Pope Francis – the Pontiff asked Melania trump, she is preparing her husband.

“What do you feed him?” my father asked Melanie. – Potica?”

“Potica! Yes!” replied the first lady.

Potica is a traditional Slovenian dessert in the form of a roll made from yeast dough with walnuts. In a press-service of the Vatican later clarified that the Pope is a big fan of poticy and always remembers her when meets with guests from Slovenia.

Force Brussels: the standoff with Macron and push Markovic

In Brussels at a meeting of the us leader shook hands with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. Trump is known for his firm handshake and unusual, forceful manner of his execution and the French President was obviously prepared for this meeting.

As noted by Reuters, the leaders of the “grabbed each other’s hands so tightly that their knuckles turned white, and his jaws seemed clenched”.

Accurate Exodus “protivostoyanie” remains unknown, but in the end, trump was the first to unclench his hand, and a macron for some more time holding her. The US President apparently appreciated the handshake French colleagues, since later again willingly held out his hand.

Trump also in his characteristic manner, has made several statements: so, speaking about the need for a United front to oppose the ISIL terrorists, the us President added: “And Yes, they are – losers. They are all losers”.

According to the publication Der Spiegel, during a meeting with heads of countries-EU members, trump expressed his dissatisfaction with the Germans. “The Germans are very bad. They sell US millions of cars… Awful. But we can stop it,” said trump.

His speech, the President of the United States caused a wave of smiles among the leaders of the countries-members of NATO. “In recent years the US has spent on security issues more than all other countries combined,” said trump. Media noted that most of all smiled macron.

In addition, the American President during the inspection of the new building of NATO rather rudely pushed in front of him stood the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic, to stand in the front row.

Sam Markovich was later called this push a “harmless joke.” Recall that Montenegro is about to become a member of NATO, and the process of entering the country in the block is considered irreversible.

Note, to pull the attention from the trump itself could the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Souza. Due to the small delay he last came to the summit, although, according to the Protocol, honor, the last to arrive at the summit of heads of state was awarded the President of the United States.

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