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Lisa Peskov spoke sharply about bodypositive: “Why be proud of your acne or cellulite?”

Elizabeth Peskov

On the catwalks and pages of glossy, increasingly there are examples of impartial relationship to the exterior. Bodypositive continues to change people’s attitudes towards themselves and others, but at the same time does not cease to be subjects of controversy. Today to arrange the exchange of opinions in a network on this subject, decided the 21-year-old Lisa Peskov. Daughter of press Secretary of the Russian President started a debate with followers, sharing news about the flash mob organized by one Englishwoman in the network. A resident of the UK suggested girls not to shave and to publish in social networks your pictures in protest against stereotypes.

I also learned about a girl Arvid Bistra, on the face of Adidas, “RECEIVING their hair, periods and pimples”… Take, but why spread it to the whole world? Acne is a disease acne a sign of unhealthy skin as well as cellulite and other personal belongings, which are now, apparently, you can be proud of. Why be proud of your acne or cellulite? You can exercise, begin to eat properly (of course only if you do not believe cellulite something beautiful), – Peskov wrote in Instagram.

She added that there are things that can not be treated that you just need to accept and not ashamed of it. But asked them not to be confused with laziness.

I know how many people sit on the sofa and work on yourself and not going, Noah, blaming their problems on everyone and everything around. Oh Yes, this now fashionable theme – bodypositive. It is possible to argue infinitely, but THEN, you do, of course, sorry, tie, unshaven armpits with bodyposition I don’t. For me personally dubious clichés of beauty can be considered a small nose, and press waist, but not hairy armpits. Yes, I’m disgusted, and I write now my personal opinion which may disagree with the opinions of many. And I’m pretty sure some are also unpleasant, but in the wave of social protests and disputes in the Internet, they are actively writing about how outdated to be against such things as feminism, bodypositive and other popular topics of the XXI century, as we live in a time of permissiveness and open-minded people, – said Elizabeth.

She said that while studying in Europe noticed the indifferent attitude of women to beauty salons.

Can confirm the stereotype that many (not all) Europeans don’t go for a manicure/pedicure, do not wash your hair, not wear makeup, not dress up at all and especially not caring. Our women have always been famous for well-groomed, and I like the Russian girl, carefully care for themselves, just do not understand how a flash mob can run, concluded Lisa.

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