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Lipetsk situation?

Липецкое дело – труба?

The state Duma asked the Prosecutor General to interfere in the situation around Lipetsk pipe company “Svobodny Sokol”


The resonant story of power, and now criminal pressure, OOO “Lipetsk pipe company “Svobodny Sokol” came to Moscow and became the subject of parliamentary inquiry to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.

The occasion was the case in the lower house of representatives of the labor collective enterprises in difficult socio-economic situation in connection with what is happening around LTK, OOO Svobodny Sokol” dramatic events. Economic argument manufacturers of tubular products with Lipetsk energy sales company (LESK), a subsidiary of the Novolipetsk metallurgical combine Vladimir Lisin, seemingly, resolved in the arbitration courts. But in the spring, law enforcement agencies transferred the economic debate in a criminal plane with the charges of management and owner of the company of fraud in especially large sizes, which, according to the investigators, resulted in the theft of electricity.

What followed and has become the property of the media and social networks, as otherwise criminal intervention in the economy, and at the same time and in the legal sphere, not name. As follows from parliamentary inquiries and publications, the owner of LTK, OOO Svobodny Sokol” Igor Efremov were given 200 million rubles to close the criminal case, in the case of failure to pay the businessman was threatened with a new thing – it is not “fraudulent” article 159 part 4, and under article 210 of the criminal code – “participation in organized criminal activity.” Yefremov applied to the FSB. The entrepreneur also hoped that the situation will be taken up by the General Prosecutor’s office.

“The situation is largely unprecedented, – said Efremov. – The usual administrative dispute turned into a criminal case, and then the story altogether resulted in blackmail and threats. Of course, we have strong opponents who are trying to destroy the plant. The dispute came with LESK, which is a subsidiary of the Novolipetsk metallurgical combine”.

According to the owner of LTK, OOO Svobodny Sokol”, a criminal case was opened in the midst of arbitration proceedings, on the eve of the April meeting of the appellate court. On March 28 in the office of the company is suddenly raided by the police with a search warrant, which was informed of the connection to a dispute of economic entities of law enforcement. Meanwhile, the lawyers of pipe “waste of money” in the arbitration court the main part of the claims of the plaintiffs – electricity.

At the stated energy drinks claim to 415 million rubles of the arbitrator ordered the tube rollers to pay the debt of 78 million rubles, which was done the next day after the trial. However, it seems that energy Lisin a result, the arbitration proceedings were not satisfied. In addition, the workers defended well and the charges in the criminal case.

The story of Igor Yefremov, at some point the confrontation him showed up mediators with a proposal to voluntarily give opponents of the assets of the company, including slag deposits and blast furnaces. “When I said that blast furnace we need ourselves, we are going to run them, and even invited the opponents to participate in the case, they refused, explaining that they are not interested in production, and recycling equipment for scrap. In addition, the petitioners demanded a reward of 50 million rubles. It was the first outing of intermediaries, then the appetite has increased significantly,” – says the entrepreneur.

As explained by the owner of LTK, OOO Svobodny Sokol” during the second visit, the intermediaries, have asked for 200 million roubles, from them 150 million – on account LESK, and another 50 million – used by walkers. The “guests” also demanded to transfer the slag deposits and rail infrastructure. According to the businessman, uninvited “guests” when it relied on the support of high-ranking patrons, including the leadership of law enforcement and Supervisory authorities. Was also a third meeting with revised conditions and new demands of the extortionists. The record, which was published in social networks, for example, heard as one of the “guests” on behalf of Dmitry says: “You should thank people that they forgot about you once for all.” Another question Igor Efremov on the amount of gratitude the voice calls figure, specifying that the amount is not necessary to transfer the cache and that this technical issue to be discussed. On the other audio audible as the “provider” sums up the conversation: “If we fundamentally agree 150 and 50, and this “exclusive” I beg you, as a business, as interaction on your part, which we have looked, looked”.

Meanwhile, the owner and the General Director of “LTK “Svobodny Sokol” Igor Efremov against this background, believes continued prosecution of the enterprise unlawful and aimed at putting pressure on the company. The arguments sound convincing entrepreneur: a procedural decision taken by the security forces on the basis of the claims of the representatives of OJSC “LESK”, not taking into account the entered into force court acts, of which the right should be any lack of evidence of a crime.

That the business of the Lipetsk pipe company is subject to bilateral pressure from law enforcement and ransomware, also referred to in the request to the Prosecutor General Deputy of the state Duma Tamara Pletnev. “The actions of the criminal elements amid military pressure on LTK, OOO Svobodny Sokol” paralyze the work of the enterprise, lead to social instability, the uncertainty of people in the future, to the disbelief that the state is able to protect them, to restore legality and justice,” evidenced in the address of the Deputy to the Prosecutor General. Which will be continued this story and how soon in the Lipetsk justice will prevail, will largely depend on the efficiency of regulatory and law enforcement agencies and their objectivity.

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