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Lions will connect with Poland to the European railway gauge. Video

Львов соединят с Польшей европейской железнодорожной колеей. ВидеоFrom the border with Poland to Lviv will pave the narrow railway track to the European standard

Ukraine is considering construction of an iron leaf with a narrow (European) gauge from Lviv to the border with Poland that will allow to run high-speed trains on the route Lviv – Warsaw.

This was stated by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on transport Yaroslav Dubnevich on the Forum of regional development, which took place in Truskavets.

According to the politician, this project has many advantages, in particular, will help attract European tourists to the Ukrainian Carpathians.

A similar project should be implemented in the Chernivtsi region – from Chernivtsi to the border with Romania.

Development of the common transport infrastructure in Europe will have a positive impact on the development of the Carpathian region, primarily from the point of view of its tourist attraction. This will lead to an increase in revenues from tourism.

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According to Dubnevich, a lot has been done in this direction: one train “intercity” follows the route Kyiv – Lviv – Przemysl. The second in Vinnitsa, Ternopil, Lviv to Przemysl will be launched in the near future. The politician said that these trains run on a broad track.

“It is important for us to “Ukrzaliznytsia” did not stop, and all the routes that can be opened on a wide track in Slovakia, Hungary, was resumed. And we raised the question of the resumption and construction of narrow gauge – a particularly important route Warsaw – Lviv, the next important route from Chernivtsi to the border with Romania. It would give good prospects for development of the Carpathian region, attracting tourist potential, commuters, tourists – in our European Ukrainian Carpathians,” said Dubnevich.

As you know, in Poland and in most European countries the track gauge is 1435 mm. In Ukraine (and in Russia and Mongolia) – 1520 mm.

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Traditionally, the international trains from Ukraine to Europe, stayed for the connecting nodes for the replacement of bogies – this procedure takes at least 2 hours. Freight trains are docked within a few days.

According to the politician, direct and quick railway connection between Warsaw and Lviv would help attract European tourists to the Ukrainian Carpathians. Also, according to policy, contributed to the development of small regional air routes, such as airport Lviv to airport Rzeszow / Jasionka.

“Airport Lviv showed a good development, but it is important that not lagged behind in this sense, the airports of Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk. The more open routes from Polish cities, small regional routes, as well as with Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, the more people will have the opportunity to cross the border to visit the Ukrainian Carpathians” – says Yaroslav Dubnevich.

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