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Linseed oil is named a panacea for excess weight

Льняное масло названо панацеей от лишнего весаDoctors advise to introduce Flaxseed oil into the diet.

Linseed oil, which has long been proven by doctors, it is widely used in various slimming diets. This natural product is quite inexpensive, but it is very useful and effective.

How flax oil influences our body and helps to lose weight? To start with, excess weight occurs due to the fact that the body breaks down metabolic process as the metabolism of fats. The fact that you refuse fatty food, sitting on different diets, it does not give necessary result. And all because fat metabolism is not rebuilt by limiting fat.

Linseed oil is composed of about 70% unsaturated fats, which are not synthesized in our body. In addition, it contains a relatively high ratio of minerals and such important vitamins as A and E. with all these ingredients, Flaxseed oil helps to normalize fat Flaxseed oil: use for figurable and reduces cholesterol. Use of Flaxseed oil is also effective against cellulite.

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Because flax oil has an unpleasant taste and smell, you will have to make an effort. To start it use you need with a teaspoon. A week later, to increase the amount to one tablespoon. The course duration is 2-3 months. After this time the quantity of oil is again reduced to one teaspoon, and then stop the treatment. Drink the oil from flax is needed on an empty stomach, and then fifteen minutes after dinner.

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The flax seed oil can be combined with sparing diet that restricts calories and at the same time provides the body with various nutrients. It must be stored in the refrigerator. It will retain its useful properties.

In addition, the use of Flaxseed oil helps to cleanse the body. Due to this, the cells are refreshed, and the skin acquires a healthy glow. Will not pass changes and hair. They too will look healthy and shiny.

Flaxseed oil: the benefits and harms. Don’t forget that you should certainly follow the rules of flax seed oil, as this may lead to the opposite result.

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