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Lindsay Lohan finally moved out of the apartment, which is owed $95 000


More recently, actress Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan) was one of the most popular Actresses in Hollywood and received about $5 million for the film. Now the 30-year-old Lilo can declare bankruptcy. As it turned out, Lohan owed the landlord for a London apartment in which he lived while playing in the theater in the British capital. In court, Lindsay will be obliged to pay the debt of 95 thousand dollars.



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The actress tried to negotiate with landlords and even paid the minimum part. In order not to pay the rest, the controversial star said that the money will pay for her Russian ex-boyfriend Yegor Tarabanov, which at the time she rented housing.

However, Tarabanov not only refused to pay and accused the ex-lover that she stole his belongings: a Rolex Oyster, gold cross and designer clothes.

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It became known that Lindsay finally moved out of their apartment in the nearby hotel, took all my things and said that now she’s homeless.

Netizens even came up with a solution to a difficult situation star actress: “she has one way out now. To come to Russia, get a passport, to go to parties, maybe someone will fall from the fat cats”.

Recall, Lindsay Lohan and her ex-lover Yegor Tarabanov sold this summer.

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