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Lima Vajkule was urgently hospitalized

Лайму Вайкуле экстренно госпитализировалиThe artist apologized to fans for the inconvenience.

Singer Laima Vaikule, who was to speak in Kiev on 18 February, due to health problems will appear before the audience in March.

62-year-old actress underwent surgery after she was injured while skiing. Because of this she was forced to change the dates of all the February show.

A note on the page in photoblog the singer told fans about the schedule changes.

Vajkule has postponed the concerts due to injury

Лайму Вайкуле экстренно госпитализировали

“Unfortunately, forced to cancel all concerts of February, a little miscalculated your forces on the slopes while skiing and hurt his leg. Already surgery and I undergo rehabilitation. That’s life. I hope for your understanding my listener. The concerts are not cancelled and will take place in March once I return from the US, where taking care of me and put me on my feet the doctors. Love you all and look forward to meeting”, – said the singer.

Fans wish the actress a speedy recovery.

By the way, it turns out that the concert in Lima the capital of Ukraine will be held two days before her birthday, which star is celebrating the 31st March.

Guests Laima Love Show in the Palace “Ukraine” will also show expressive numbers from the ballet Elena Kolyadenko Freedom.

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