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Like Megan Markle will be the lead figure in the order after delivery

Meghan Markle

37-year-old Megan Markle in the spring of this year for the first time will become a mother. Many believe that the wife of Prince Harry as well as Kate Middleton, will not linger long in the decree. Not to gain extra pounds, the ex-actress diet and exercise. Experts have told how has changed the fitness regime of the Duchess of Sussex and how it is going to lose weight after giving birth.

Meghan Markle is a fan of fitness. The Duchess, each step of which is monitored by the whole world, accustomed always to eat right and exercise. According to rumors, she hired an expert specialized in training for pregnant women, Sara Haley. She spoke about some of the exercises she had to give, and what to include in your regime to stay in shape.

First of all, exercise can help reduce back pain, relieve from constipation, bloating and swelling, to adjust sleep, enhance mood and energy level, reduce your chances of developing gestational diabetes and even establish the work of your child’s heart, says Sarah.


Megan loves Pilates and the classes on the moving platform of the reformer. This type of training involves the use of special device that combines the toning effect of Pilates, and the load resistance as strength exercises.
Your body changes instantly. After only two sessions you will notice the difference, she said.

Before the Duchess of Sussex went to Pilates Platinum in Los Angeles, and after she changed her place of residence, then began to train together with Prince Harry in the hall of KX in London. However, in the later stages of pregnancy it is quite difficult to do Pilates on the reformer, so the load is reduced.
When you are on the second and third trimester, you have to perform most of the exercises in standing, kneeling or sitting position,— the expert explains.

Perinatal yoga

Most of all I like yoga, running and Pilates. My mother worked as a yoga teacher, so yoga is in my blood, I started her another seven years. I love hot yoga — Megan told the magazine Best Health.

According to the mother, at the moment, her schedule got off, so if she can’t sleep, she might right in the middle of the night to practice yoga in my room. It helps to overcome the discomfort associated with early pregnancy.

From hot yoga, the star had to be abandoned. Some researchers believe that it can cause dizziness, fainting, and possible birth defects if the neural tube of the baby overheating.
I don’t recommend to do hot yoga during pregnancy. It is necessary to avoid overheating and dehydration, they can disrupt the blood flow to the uterus, causing uterine cramps or even decline, says Sara Haley.

But now the Duchess was addicted to prenatal yoga. This is a special set of physical exercises designed to prepare the body for childbirth women. Great attention is paid to the practice of breathing. A permanent part of the yoga for pregnant women is working with the pelvic floor muscles, helping to prepare the birth canal and reduce the likelihood of tearing.

In addition, we study a simple relaxation methods. Expert advises to exclude the asana applies pressure to the pelvis and abdomen, as well as asanas in which you need to bend deep down to actively curl up or stretch out ahead. You can feel good, but there is a danger of diastasis (you can go straight abdominal muscles).

As for the uprights on the head, Megan practiced them before. To actively and regularly practicing human sirsasana (headstand) and other inverted postures — a natural part of the practice that are not something out of the ordinary. The main thing during pregnancy is to minimize the risk of falling. If you have not practiced such poses, then pregnancy is definitely not the time for experiments,— says the expert.

Jogging in the fresh air

Megan also loves cardio:

For me running has always been a form of meditation, because it’s the only time I can free my mind, — she said in an interview with Cosmopolitan.
If you ran before pregnancy, you can continue to jog during it. The main warning — make sure that the risk of falling is minimal. Walking in this case is safer and more effective

— said the expert.


Markle does not change itself — she loves vegetable food, to which she had been trained from childhood mom. Her vegetarian diet excludes meat, dairy products, animal products, eggs, cheese and honey. Star even my husband weaned to eat meat!
I’m trying to be vegan during the week and on weekends allow themselves to relax, eat chicken, for example. It’s all in the balance. I love carbs, but in moderation. You don’t have to deprive yourself of the pleasure experienced from food, once she said in an interview.

Megan is passionate zoodefender, practicing vegetarianism and not wearing fur, ‘ said the insider.

Midwife Zoe Dale said that Markle will probably be to limit the consumption of sweets, since this can cause stomach upset. So, it seems, despite the fact that at the Christmas dinner, the Queen was served the Turkey and pies with minced meat, Megan from them, most likely, had to be abandoned.

Many are asking whether it is safe to stick to a vegan diet during pregnancy? According the NHS (National health service UK), mothers-to-be-vegetarian and vegans need to make sure that they get enough iron and vitamins B12 and D, which are mainly contained in meat and fish.

However, there are plant sources of vitamin B12 is fortified Breakfast cereals and unsweetened soy beverages. And since vitamin D can be found only in a small number of products, the NHS recommends that all adults, including pregnant and nursing women to take supplements containing 10 micrograms of vitamin D, especially during the winter months.

According to a source, Megan starts her morning with a Cup of hot lemon water to improve digestion. For Breakfast it is brewed oatmeal and acai known for their antioxidant properties.

Please, share your secret of losing weight after childbirth!

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