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Life without money

Жизнь без денег

Quarantine and isolation carefully brought to the agenda not the easiest to national stereotypes theme. And it is money.

In politics this has always been difficult. For the left-wing money were a nuisance for the General section of the pie equally. Or even with justice. Officials have saved money in the funds with beautiful names for a rainy day. At first, everyone thought, in the sense that in the event of force majeure. Now it turned out, literally — so this rainy day someone to hurt. For example, to transform the American slate to the illiquid, and if you’re lucky — and the whole world in nuclear ashes.

Literature-theatre-cinema fought over the eternal question of what corrupts more — an excess of money, or lack thereof.

Now everything is slowly starting to admit that no money is definitely worse. Without them, workers are being fired passers-by, motorists arrange online meetings, coaches, business coaches and experts on volatility in the oil markets return to their villages and towns.

Whether it is during the lost of a great era. The workers greeted (initially, even the first, ingratiating and getting no answer), and developed the charity and other volunteer, the flip side of life gradually ceased to be evident unobservant passers-by. Even the main national scrapie — country fences at the middle and upper classes gradually became lower.

So, life with the money (very small on the scale of the Golden billion — but quite serious in the eyes of the other seven) were still better and people kinder.

Don’t even know what the political spectrum to consider this point, left or right.

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