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Life-threatening complications of the Hong Kong flu

Опасные для жизни осложнения гонконгского гриппаDuring the epidemic of influenza people will not prevent to take care of oneself, because infected, they are risking serious complications.

Thirteen regions of Ukraine was gripped by an epidemic of Hong Kong flu. To a greater extent infected with the virus children of preschool and school ages as well as adults that come into contact with these children. Flu, according to doctors, has the ability to evolve instantaneously, literally within 2 hours after contact with the virus person will feel all the signs of this strain.

For Hong Kong flu common symptoms:

– high body temperature, fever;

– headache and dizziness;

– runny nose, pain when swallowing saliva and food;

– aching in bones and muscles.

Doctors pay attention of Ukrainians to the fact that this viral disease is not just spreading rapidly geographically, but also causes irreparable damage to health. When the above symptoms should immediately consult a physician. In the case where a high body temperature does not change any drug, the right decision is to call an ambulance.

Over the past week in Ukraine recorded three deaths of patients that is the Hong Kong flu, so don’t pay attention to the instruction of physicians very lightly. Doctors recommend healthy and sick people to wear respiratory masks to strengthen the immune system, eat a healthy diet, try to avoid places where a lot of people going, as well as direct contact with a sick person.

The following complications and gives Hong Kong flu:

– inflammation of the lungs;

– tracheitis, bronchitis, laryngitis;

– encephalitis;

– myocarditis and other cardiovascular disease;

– lethal outcome.

Why Hong Kong flu can give complication?

Delayed treatment

The majority of Ukrainian families believe that the Hong Kong flu is also not dangerous like the common cold. That is, they do not understand the seriousness of the situation, in consequence of which refuse drugs and treated with traditional methods, which in this case is not able to destroy the virus and protect the human body from destruction.

Severe intoxication

In people with a weakened immune system the virus the Hong Kong flu is more likely to develop to the full and to contribute to the occurrence of complications. The immune system should have taken care of long before the beginning of the epidemic, now only need to maintain your health pills, syrups, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Lack of vaccination against influenza

People refuse vaccination, complaining about the complications that can cause of the vaccine. But the reality is that the only way to protect yourself from complications of the flu has been timely vaccination.

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