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Life expectancy can be doubled – scientists

Продолжительность жизни можно увеличить вдвое, - ученыеNow scientists are busy trying to its opening to create a new drug.

The life can be increased two times.

To such conclusion experts working at the National University of Singapore.

Previously, this problem was taken very different approaches. Now scientists have come to the conclusion that the human lifespan can be increased in two times. To this conclusion they came, conducted the experiments on worms.

To do this, they used the same drugs that were used previously. However, their use was not alone. And the complex.

The most effective among the drugs that promote regeneration, as before, is the use of rapamycin serving as immunosuppressant.

It is the most frequently used in transplant operations to avoid unnecessary rejection of organs.

However, now scientists came to an unexpected conclusion. As it turned out, if rapamycin to use along with beta blockers, allantoinase and metformine together, this allows you to just achieve an impressive effect.

These drugs are applied “in one bottle” allow double increase in the recovery rate of skin cells. Previously, this effect failed to achieve ever.

Now scientists are busy trying to its opening to create a new drug. With his help they hope to achieve a significant prolongation of human life.

However, according to experts, the certification process of a new drug will be a very long time. However, hope appeared.

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