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Life after death: scientists made a surprising discovery

Scientists say that after death the consciousness of man continues to work.

A recent study confirmed that human consciousness continues to work even after the body ceases to submit life signs. This means that the dead are aware of the fact of his own death.

The scientists of Langone Medical center in new York brought to his study of people who have suffered cardiac arrest, but was able to return to life. Testimonies of volunteers proved that the dead hear the doctors announce their death.

“They said that he continued to observe how nurses were doing their job. Although in fact was already dead, they still retained the ability to understand everything that was happening around and to understand the gist of conversations that took place among the doctors and nurses, ” says Dr. Sam Parnia, one of the authors of the study.

All the memories brought back to life cross-checked with readings of the medical staff at that time recognized these people dead. Doctors and nurses fully all confirmed patients who at that time was already considered dead, is really in the details remembered everything about what spoke among themselves, the doctors.

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